What Makes the 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric the Best EV to Buy?

There are indeed several electric vehicles in the market and some are quite popular like the Tesla series. However, one of the best EVs that you can purchase nowadays is the 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric.

Its features along with its powertrain and other details ensure that people get the best out of it. If you want to book one, visiting Glassboro electric vehicle dealership is the correct choice. However, if you want to know what makes this car a remarkable purchase, then go through below mentioned data.

Kona Electric’s motor and performance

When purchasing an EV, the first thing one checks is the motor available that powers the vehicle along with the performance it provides. A single motor powers this vehicle, which in turn, is powered by a 64-kWh battery. It delivers power to this vehicle’s front wheels and produces 201 horses. In addition, this powertrain takes a maximum of 6.4 seconds to reach from zero to sixty mph.

Moreover, the handling and driving dynamics of this EV are quite lively than its regular counterpart. Thus, driving on a twisted road is quite fun. Also, on the highway, it will offer ample speed to cruise swiftly without any issue.

This vehicle offers a mileage of 120 MPGe combined, which is quite well for cars in this category. Also, people can charge their EV through a household 110-volt outlet; however, this isn’t recommended for daily purposes. The ideal option is to use a 240-volt outlet when charging at home. Apart from this, people can also opt for fast charging DC stations to quickly charge their cars.

Hence, it can be ideally stated that when it comes to powertrain and its performance, the 2022 Kona Electric is an outstanding car to purchase. To get your or simply take a test drive first, visit the EV dealer in Glassboro.

Kona Electric’s cabin

The interior for gas-powered Kona and Kona Electric is quite similar. Quality materials are used for creating the cabin that offers ideal comfort and a rich feeling due to all the features and design.

Kona electric’s cargo area offers enough space when compared with its rivals in this category. With seats folded, people can fit in 15 carry-ons easily. Also, the rear seat has enough leg space for adults to sit comfortably for a ride.

Apart from these, other features include a digital gauge display, navigation, a six-speaker system, and more. The higher-end model you opt for, the better will be its features.

Kona Electric’s price

Kona Electric comes in just 2 models, SEL and Limited version; these trims cost $35,300 and $43,800 respectively. Most people opt for Kona Electric’s Limited version to enjoy all of its features that are equipped in that model. However, you can also buy its SEL trim if you don’t want to spend over the $40k mark. Either way, buying any version will let you be the owner of one of the best EVs on the market.

So, without wasting time, visit a dealership and get all your paperwork sorted and get a unit!

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