The process of obtaining a driving license in Dubai and how to opt for one?

The process of obtaining a driving license in Dubai is not an easy one and there are a series of considerations that are involved. It has to be said that getting a license in itself happens to be a major milestone in our lives. The logic is just like a forklift license is needed to run a forklift to drive a car you require a license. In the case of some ex-pats it would mean transferring the license from their home country, but in the case of a lot of others, they need to appear for a driving test.

What is the age limit to apply for a license in Dubai

It all depends upon the type of vehicle that you are planning to drive in Dubai. You need to be above the age of 18 years to drive a car. But Dubai driving school offers to suggest that you can appear for the classes when you are 17 years and 6 months. To ride a motorcycle the age is lowered to 17 years. But for heavy-duty vehicles, the requirements are above the age of 20 years.

What is the number of classes that I need to take to appear for a driving test in Dubai?

It has to be stated that the rule of driving classes varies from one emirate to another emirate in UAE. In Abu Dhabi, you can take 8 classes and then sit for the written theory exam. This is even before you are allowed to sit for the full driving test. A point to consider is that the lessons in class last for 2 hours in a single session. The situation is slightly different in Dubai where the number of classes is dependent upon the level of your experience.

The learner driver needs to register for 20 hours in Dubai, which is in the form of 10 classes which is split into 2 hours sessions each. A rare exception to this rule is the people who hold valid GCC licenses. They may skip the learning classes and sit for the driving test straight away. But if they fail they have to sit for 4 hours of lessons before they sit for the test.

The reasons why people fail the driving test

There are plenty of reasons why people fail the driving test. A lot of people are nervous about the test and it is strongly voiced that you reach the place half an hour before so that you are familiar with the environment of the test. Most of the people who fail the test is due to minor mistakes that they commit.

Not using indicators properly tends to be a common cause.. In some cases people do not use properly or they do not use them at all. Even people do not check out the centre mirror when the boulders are going to reverse. What it indicates is that the person is not familiar with the surroundings.

Another common mistake that the drivers make is that they do not stop at the stop signs. If you do not stop the vehicle and do not give attention to the incoming traffic may turn out to be another reason of failure.

To conclude the cost of a driving school is dependent upon a couple of factors. It depends upon the driving school that you are enrolling and the experience that you have behind the wheel. Each and every driving school does have tailor made packages that suits the requirements of the drivers.

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