Take a Look at the Re-Launch of the 2023 Toyota Crown

Take a Look at the Re-Launch of the 2023 Toyota Crown

After a decade or so, the Crown series is being re-launched in the USA. It was a remarkable car that is coming back with modern upgrades that will appease the buyers. Though it falls under the sedan category, this vehicle is a combination of three-box taps and a high-seating driver’s position making it more than just a sedan. You can contact Eagle Toyota dealer to have a look at this vehicle in detail.

Re-launching this sedan with hybrid powertrains

Every 2023 Crown model comes with a hybrid setup; however, only its Platinum trim buyers will enjoy the Hybrid Max system from Toyota. It will pair an electric motor with a 4-cylinder 2.4-liter turbocharged engine; a combined power of these two will provide drivers with 340 horses.

The two other variants available are Limited and XLE version, which comprises a hybrid setup that utilizes three electric motors and a 4-cylinder 2.5-liter engine that creates 236 ponies. These two models use CVT as their transmission system, while Crown’s Limited version comes with an automatic 6-speed; by default, this car comes with an AWD system.

The base powertrain delivers adequate acceleration and within 7.6 seconds it can reach 0-60 mph. However, people who get the Platinum model will be able to complete 0-60 mph within 5.7 seconds making it at par with most of its rivals.

Also, Toyota has tuned this car’s suspension to offer an adequate relaxing ride. However, there are adaptive dampers that make this vehicle quite sharp and allow people to enjoy Crown’s fun nature.

In addition, the base Crown trim is expected to provide 42 mpg in cities and 41 mpg on highways; this makes its rivals have to catch up to such a mileage. The Platinum trim provides 29 in cities and 32 mpg on highways. For more info about the Crown’s mileage and other abilities, please visit Eagle Toyota dealership.

Upgraded cabin

The cabin has been re-designed completely to look nothing like its ancestors. The craftsmanship makes the cabin look premium that fits this car. The driving position is raised similar to that of SUVs instead of the traditional sedan style. Such a change makes it the best choice among the people who want to buy a sedan but want more.

Ambient lighting, heated power-adjustable seats, auto climate control, leather upholstery, ventilated seats, panoramic sunroof, etc. are some of the features for people to enjoy. Tech features of this vehicle include Wi-Fi, JBL stereo, wireless charging system, smartphone integration, etc.


As mentioned earlier, there are three versions of Crown available in the USA; XLE, Limited, and Platinum. Toyota has priced these approximately at $41,045, $46,645, and $53,445 respectively.

The re-launch of this vehicle is a game changer as many well-wishers of this series are eagerly waiting to book one. If you are looking to get a sedan that is a combination of all, then this would be a great car. If still not convinced, nothing will be a better convincing job than taking a test drive. So, visit a dealership and take a test drive today.

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