Second-hand Motorbike and Loan

It is very easy to find people who love motorbikes. These convenient vehicles have been people’s friends for many years. A bike that is maintained well over the years runs well and asks for fewer repairs and replacements. Many people tend to ride their bike until it starts to cry for attention. This takes an unnecessary toll on the vehicle and reduces its lifetime. A bike ride to certain locations can give amazing views and experiences. It is also preferable for people who have less space to garage a vehicle. Being able to avoid rush hour public transport is one of the biggest benefits of having a two-wheeler. There is no need to wait for any transport when you have your bike with you.

This leads many people to buy two-wheelers every year. Every-year newbies learn how to ride a bike and get their license. But many do not feel like starting riding with a whole new bike at the very first. They might prefer a used bike to ride and gain experience and confidence. People even get such bikes when they are a bit tight financially. One can find quite a few well-maintained used bikes in the market very easily. Used bikes are not only offered at a cheap price but one can also avail loans to buy one.

Like any other loan procedure, a loan for a second-hand bike requires documentation and proper information. It is easier to learn (จัดไฟแนนซ์มอไซค์มือสอง, term in Thai) from various sources. One must get some critical information and also do some checks on the bike before applying for a loan.

Learn about the bike

Just because a bike is being offered at a cheaper price, the buyer doesn’t need to fall for it. As a used bike, the vehicle must be checked properly before striking up a deal. Always ask about the condition and age of the vehicle from the seller. A buyer must know the history of the bike. History of accidents, damages, repairs, and maintenance must be provided by the seller. One can take the help of a reputed agency to have a full report of the condition of the bike. The buyer will know what he or she is paying for and if the bike is worth the said price.

Loan options

Many companies offer loans for used two-wheelers. Different companies have different interest rates and terms of repayment. While some charge a higher processing fee, some require a reasonable amount as a processing fee. When you want to apply for a loan to buy a used two-wheeler, it is better to weigh your options against each other. It will help to know which of the companies is providing a better offer and which will be perfect for the buyer.


Depending on the condition and mileage, the price must be determined. The price must be reasonable and the seller must be open to negotiation. Doing some research on the market price of similar vehicles can help to get more knowledge about what the reasonable price would be.

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