5 Tips For A Comfortable Long Distance Motorcycle Riding

Comfort is vital when riding a motorcycle on a long-distance trip. A comfortable riding experience is key to having fun on the road. Feeling cramped and uncomfortable is one of the common barriers for riders. After all, one’s body can only handle so much before it starts having issues one cannot ignore, such as lower back pain and sore joints.

Paying attention to your riding position is one of the tips for long-distance riding in comfort. Manufacturers often build motorcycles to a specific specification. The bike’s geometry may not suit your body because you are an individual. You can customize your bike to fit your preferences and needs based on weight, size, position, or riding style, among many other factors.

You may need to add bar risers to raise the bars to a height that is easier to reach. Besides this, you may also adjust the foot pegs if you feel cramped while riding your motorcycle.

Wind protection is also one of the crucial aspects to consider when traveling long distances. The manufacturer’s original windscreen is often not up to the job as it can be too small or deflect the wind, causing buffeting on the helmet. Changing the screen or modifying the existing screen can easily fix this problem and provide better protection for riders.

Another option to ensure wind protection is to add a smaller wind deflector to the top of the existing screen. The deflector’s angle can also be adjusted until a rider finds a suitable wind setup that helps reduce buffeting.

When traveling long distances, it is also essential to pack lightly and not overload your motorbike, as it can affect your adventure. Packing for a motorcycle trip means efficiently using your limited space, as every inch of your storage counts. With this, motorcycle riders can opt for a motorcycle luggage rack to help securely store their belongings while on the road. 

Riders may also opt for an SW Motech top case for storage space. Waterproof and reasonably-priced top cases can provide secure storage space for your luggage and helmet while on the road.

For more information about the different tips for comfortable long-distance motorcycle rides, here is an article from Motorrad Garage.

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