2022 Ram HD – Immensely Capable and Unparallel Luxury Features

There is no doubt that Ram HD is one of the most powerful pickups in its segment. However, the 2022 version comes with quite a lot of luxury aspects along with its immense capability on road. Before getting any HD truck, it is suggested by experts to check out the 2022 Ram HD first and then decide on everything else. Hence, go through the below-mentioned features and more of this vehicle before visiting Kalamazoo Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealer.

Immense capability

The 2022 Ram HD comes with immense capability. The powertrain of this pick is what ensures its performance, towing capacity, and more. A 6.4L V8 engine is what powers this truck. It creates 410 ponies along with a torque of 429 lb-ft. Also, it is combined with an automatic 8-speed for excellent gear-changing aspects. Its Power Wagon variant consists of this powertrain. Also, it comes in the AWD system exclusively. Look at KSP Performance ram 1500 leveling kit now.

Other models comprise Cummins 6.7L inline-six diesel engines along with FWD or RWD system. Two versions of this engine are available for both Ram 2500 and 3500 models. It creates 370 horses and a torque of 850 lb-ft. However, a more powerful version of this engine is available for only 3500 versions.

The second option that is available for the 3500 series generates 400 hp and a colossal torque of 1075 lb-ft. Both diesel engines are paired with an automatic 6-speed. These diesel engines are quite heavy but are ideal for people looking to haul and tow massive weights daily.

Now coming to this truck’s capability!

Such powertrains are the reason for these pickups’ immense capability. The higher-output diesel engine can tow 37,100 pounds approximately and has a payload capacity of 7680 lbs. Its less powerful diesel engine can tow 16,870 pounds and its payload capacity is 3240 lbs. Lastly, the V8 powertrain can tow 14,370 pounds and its payload capacity is 3240 lbs. To know about an ideally-suited pickup for you, visit Kalamazoo Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership immediately.

Luxury aspects of this pickup

Like any other pickup, people will come across several variants when purchasing the 2022 Ram HD. Thus, features vary widely depending on which trim an individual buys. However, to get the best of all, acquire versions that are on the higher-end side of the list.

Higher-end models of Ram HD consist of luxurious traits that can be found in its interior design and more. Multi-leveler center console, gold and wood trim created using premium materials, etc. To have the best idea about the luxury aspects one needs to visit the dealership. It will aid one to check out the luxury interior. Noise cancellation, acoustic glass, smartphone integration, and Wi-Fi hotspot are just some of the standard things of this pickup.

Thus, there is no doubt that this is the best HD pickup currently on the market. Its pricing starts a little over $45k and goes up to more than $75k. To choose the correct one within your price range, you need to consult a dealer and proceed accordingly.

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